Welfare Officer

Hello to all readers,


My name is Jennie Tanzer, and I am  the Sale RSL & Community Club’s Welfare Officer.  I work closely with the Gippsland Veterans’ Welfare Centre in providing welfare services to not only Veterans and their families, but also to RSL members and their dependants.   I have worked with many health professionals  and have access to many clinicians and professionals in Sale and beyond through networking.    If you are in need of welfare services, or believe a friend or colleague within the RSL or Veteran circle may need some form of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the club on 5144 2538.


As the Welfare Officer, I am well equipped with a variety of information, brochures and pamphlets on a wide range of topics and information related to the ex-service community.  Being very mindful of our ageing veteran community, the Veterans’ Centre and I are committed to ensuring that the best possible assistance is provided to our members.


Assistance can be provided with referral to appropriate support agencies,

for example:


• Respite Entitlements

• Veteran’s Home Care

• Community Nursing

• Community Care Packages

• DVA approved Occupational Therapists


Also with Welfare Hospital/Home Visits and Support in the form of;


• Telephone support calls

• Visit sick veterans/war widows in hospitals in the local area

• Support members in aged care facilities in the local area

• Home visits to isolated veterans/war widows in the local area

• Support and assist during times of Bereavement


Please also be aware that any Service or Affiliate Members are entitled to an RSL Funeral Service. The eulogy will only be conducted with the express consent of the relatives of the deceased member.


Obviously the earlier we can be advised, the more thorough preparations can be.   This request can be made with the Funeral Director who will contact us accordingly or the family may contact us directly.